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Designer Steve Pitt and Founder Carole Hender

Carole Hender  MSc

Founder of Zest 4 Learning

My life changed when I became a mum. My focus on what was important changed too. I had worked as a creative director for many years before escaping to a very remote part of Indonesia for a year and this is where I first got involved with education. I taught English as a foreign language and Art at an international school. Following my return to the UK and the birth of my daughter, I knew family life and education was more important to me, than going back to a career in advertising, so I studied with the Open University with the aim of retraining as a teacher. At this time I also set up the Bromsgrove Kumon Maths Class (Kumon is a franchise that teaches maths in a Japanese ‘learn by rote’ method) but after 6 months I decided it wasn’t for me, due to the strict discipline of timed worksheets. I believed that I could design something as effective as Kumon, but most importantly could be relevant and enjoyable. This was when I first came up with the idea for a comprehensive programme for pre-school children that could instill confidence and a love of learning.

So what qualifies me to be able to produce the programme? I have a BSc and MSc in Psychology, including modules in Child Development and Educational Issues, and several years’ experience working in primary schools including with Special Educational Needs in a dedicated Language Unit. I was employed in the Psychology department at Worcester University undertaking research on Primary aged children and I have had several research papers printed, including an article on children’s health eating that was printed in The Lancet1. At Zest we also consult a primary school teacher who keeps us updated in changes to the national curriculum, but my most relevant and important experience is in being a mum myself.

I feel passionate that every child should feel a sense of excitement about learning and exploring and not be daunted by education. Sadly I have often met children who were very capable but who didn’t believe in their own abilities, they were easily bored as they viewed learning as hard work and unrewarding. I believe it is vitally important that all children should feel inspired by learning, see it as an adventure to try things out and be creative.  Zest 4 Learning makes learning fun, giving  young children the skills to feel confident and able to do what is asked of them when they start school. It has taken several years for my initial idea to come to fruition but finally in 2015 Zest 4 Learning was launched.

I live in Worcestershire with my partner Ian, daughter Becky, Jasper the dog, Snow-flake the cat and 4 unnamed chickens.

1. Hender, C. & Horne, J. (2012)  Could healthy eating initiatives be contributing to obesity? An analysis of primary school children’s packed lunches before and after a healthy eating initiative. The Lancet, Vol 380. Special Issue Public Health Science, S4. 

Steve Pitt  


Zest 4 Learning Business Partner and Graphic Designer, Steve Pitt: Steve has two boys and said he would have loved the pre-assembled pack for his children if it had been available at that time.

Steve and Carole met at Art College back in 1983, before Steve went on to Manchester to study for his HND in Graphic Design before launching his career and graphic design business.

30-years on they are back together with the simplicity of the Zest4 Learning concept, and Steve’s clear and colourful designs helping to make the programme a visual learning success for pre-school children and their parents.

Steve has over twenty years creating credible, visual identities for his customers not only for Zest 4 Learning but also assisting a wide range of business to create a professional, consistent image that is in line with their business thinking... For more information see www.stevepitt.com

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