About the Programme

Zest 4 Learning is a personalised educational programme for young children. Each month's pack consists of 36 educational activity sheets, stationery items and everything you need to complete the activities with your child. The Programme progresses through a 12 month curriculum which gradually increases in difficulty. It aims to give your child the confidence and abilities to excel at school, and most importantly acquire a life long attitude that sees learning as fun!

The Start Up Pack

The start up pack contains absolutely everything you need. This month is all about The Weather. Our inquisitive mouse called Dudley introduces himself and gets you to help him complete the activities, including making a weather dial and rainbow collage, discussing hot and cold and the colours of the rainbow.

“Zest 4 Learning aims to supply everything you need conveniently in one box.”

Following Month's Packs

The Start Up Pack contains month one's activity sheets and the stationery items and the scrap book which is used throughout  the year. Thereafter every month another package arrives in a brightly coloured envelope addressed to your child! This contains:

  • 36 fun and educational Activity Sheets (12 sessions).
  • The Craft Pack containing all the bits you need to complete the crafts and activities!
  • Any additional stationery items required that month e.g. Plastercine or paint set and brush.
  • Personalised Name Writing sheets are included. These start with tracing their first name and over the month's builds to writing their full name independently. 

Month 3 is all about Transport

Month 4 is On The Farm

You are also allocated a personal tutor who is available by email for support and guidance. 

“I want your child to be excited that the brightly coloured pack comes in the post addressed to them. I want them to be inspired and curious because that is what learning is all about.” 
Carole Hender,  founder of Zest 4 Learning

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