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No doubt you will have already noticed that it is Halloween this weekend! So we thought it'd be appropriate  to share our pumpkin alphabet dot to dot.

This activity is from Month 11, near the end of the 1 year Zest 4 Learning programme. Month 11's theme is all about 'Time', and the activities discuss seasons, months, days of the week and telling the time. Here we are practicing the alphabet with this pumpkin dot to dot which relates to the Cinderella story also covered this Month.

Just click on the picture to download and print off your copy.

Pumpkin activity

You may have already been busy making fancy dress costumes or pumpkin carving. But if you're like us, Halloween has suddenly crept up and we just haven't found the time to carve our pumpkin yet.

So we thought we'd share these simpler no carve pumpkin ideas, which also allow for more participation from little hands.

Use masking tape to mask your child's initial or make a face and then let your little one loose with the finger paint to cover the pumpkin... can't guarantee this is less messy than traditionally carving up the pumpkin, but at least little ones can be more actively involved. 


Source: Young House Love

Or take a look at these other great 'no carve' pumpkins we've found if you're looking for inspiration... Source:

Have a great Halloween and don't forget to sign up to the Zest 4 Learning Programme to give your child a building curriculum of educational activities that inspires conversation, builds general knowledge,  and improves dexterity skills.

Get your child's monthly subscription pack on it's way to them by signing up on our website and have fun whilst giving your child the best possible start.

Have a great weekend. Carole x

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