How old does my child need to be?

Due to small parts in the craft packs all children must be over 3 years of age and parent supervision (and enthusiasm!) is required completing all activities.

How much does it cost?

The monthly subscription is £25 per month which includes postage and packaging. There are no other hidden charges and no commitment to complete the 12 month programme. You have full control of the payments and can cancel or suspend them at anytime. For your convenience everything required to complete the programme is included in the packs, including, craft materials, pencils, paints, plastercine, scrap book, counters, dice, glue and even the safety scissors.

What sorts of activities are included?

There are three types of activity sheets. 1. Literacy activities: introducing phonics, letter recognition, I spy games, rhymes and stories, listening skills and moving on to reading and writing. 2. Numeracy activities: starting with counting and number recognition, dice games, sorting activities, dot to dots,  introducing shapes and mathematical vocabulary, measuring, comparing moving on to simple sums. 3. Dexterity and creative activities: pencil and scissor control, mazes, crafts, games and challenges to find items to stick and keep in your scrap book. Each month has a different theme to improve general knowledge and inspire conversation.

Will it be messy?

The programme includes lots of craft activities and conveniently supplies everything you need to complete them. This includes Pritt type glue, and later in the programme a palette type paint box and plastercine. So there is not too much messy stuff. There will be some cutting out,  tissue paper, and sequins etc. but no glitter.

How much time do I need to do the activities?

It is suggested that you allow at least 30 minutes for an activity session. In a session you will complete 3 sheets, a Literacy, a Numeracy and a Dexterity sheet. You should aim to complete three sessions within a week (12 sessions x 3 sheets = 36  sheets supplied each month). However is it easily possible to spend much longer than 30 minutes in a session if you wish. You can often leave your child to complete colouring activities or replay a game with a sibling. There are also suggestions for extended activities and challenges you may want to set your child.

Do I need to be able to teach?

No teaching experience is needed. If you can read English well enough to read the instruction supplied on each sheet you will easily be able to help your child complete the programme.

I am not sure I have the confidence to teach my own child

The aim of Zest is to facilitate time for you and your child to converse and enjoy completing the programme together. You are not teaching, your child is learning from doing the activities with you.

What if my child can already count and knows some phonic sounds?

It is great if your child is already familiar with numbers and phonics. The programme will reinforce this and extend their knowledge. Each month has a different topic adding to their general knowledge and offering a source for discussion which will improve communication skills. The aim of Zest is to create a love a learning, and if your child already knows some of the content than this will boost their confidence even more.

My child is older but struggling at school could this work for them?

Without doubt it is worth ensuring your child has the basic knowledge in place if they are struggling with harder work at school. Returning to the basics of counting and phonic can be very worthwhile for older children who are struggling. They will also benefit from the different topics which add to their general knowledge and discussion will improve their communication skills. The aim of Zest is to create a love a learning, and if your child already knows some of the content than this will boost their confidence even more.

I want to buy this as a present; can it go to a different address with a message from me?

Yes, just fill in the delivery address you want the pack sent to on the ‘Enrol Me’ page and include the accompanying message. Zest will make an ideal present as the start-up pack makes a lovely gift and the programme then keeps on coming throughout the year. It can make a massive difference in the confidence of the child when they start school. It is worthwhile to make sure that the person who will be completing the programme with the child, if it is not yourself, is happy to undertake this.

Can you send the package abroad?

We can currently only send to UK postal addresses covered by the British Post Office. Please contact us or email info@Zest4learning.co.uk to discuss possibilities of sending packs abroad, as currency and delivery charges will differ.

How does our payment system GoCardless Work?

GoCardless is a Bacs approved bureau and an FCA authorized institution which makes payments quick and simple for you. The whole process happens online. Using our online form, your can authorise payments in minutes — even from your mobile phone. With Direct Debit, there's no need for you to worry about missing a payment and you’re always protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee. There is also no commitment, you can easily cancel at any time.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel payment at any time by logging in with GoCardless. The packs are dispatched the week following receipt of payment so by stopping payment your next pack will not be dispatched. If you wish to restart again, please contact us or email info@Zest4learning.co.uk to arrange to pick up the programme where you left it and restart payments.

If you chose to pay by Standing Order you cancel the subscription through your own bank.

How do I change a delivery address?

If you wish to change your delivery address, please contact us or email info@Zest4learning.co.uk with your name, your old address and confirming your new address. The packs are despatched the week following receipt of payment so please allow 14 days for us to update our records.

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